What would creativity look like if it were part of the resistance? In Iran today we are seeing how a series of creative sparks have ignited a revolution that is unfolding in real time on the streets of Iran. For months, the world has been watching with bated breath as the murder of a young woman at the hands of the morality police spurred an outpouring of resistance on the streets of Iran, with dissenters communicating their politics through song, art, poetry, and fashion, and in many cases, being punished for it. Hundreds have died in the ongoing protests whose slogan “women, life, freedom” has caught fire around the world. And as their defiant and creative activism continues, the world watches as creativity sparks a revolution to unseat one of the world’s most elusive regimes.

TEDxURI 2023: The Creative Spark - April 1, 2023

Pardis will be speaking at the TEDxURI 2023: The Creative Spark Event hosted by The University of Rhode Island April 1, 2023 1-3 p.m. Edwards Hall 64 Upper College Road Kingston, Rhode Island TEDxURI brings big ideas to the world stage through the inspirational voices of our community and beyond, and our speakers challenge us to think bigger than ourselves, participate in shaping the future, and do our part in protecting the planet. TEDxURI 2023 theme is all about sharing inspirational, enlightening stories about creativity and the creative spark that started it all. Creativity is everywhere in the human experience. It is not a skill reserved solely for artists and designers. It is a skill that is useful to everybody, no matter what you do or where your passions lie. Developing, nurturing and sharing our creative spark is more important than ever.