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Women, Life, Freedom: Inside Iran's New Revolution - Pardis Mahdavi

It has been over four months since Mahsa Amini's death under suspicious circumstances in Tehran. Arrested for allegedly not wearing the hijab, her death activated wide-spread protests across Iran. Despite brutal pushback from the Iranian regime, the protestors, including women and girls, did not back down. They continue to seek new ways to speak their truth and to speak out against the regime. Drawing on over two decades of research on sexual politics in Iran, as well as her personal experiences at the hands of the morality police, Pardis Mahdavi, professor of anthropology and provost and executive vice president at the University of Montana, will give a front-row seat to the dramatic changes happening in Iran today.

Women. Life. Freedom. Film Screening

Please join the Pepperdine Graziadio Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Sports and the Center for Women in Leadership for an exclusive screening of the documentary short Women. Life. Freedom. followed by a roundtable discussion led by filmmaker Poppy Farsijani (MBA '10) and a reception to support Iranian Women. Special guests include Provost and Executive Vice President at the University of Montana, Pardis Mahdavi, PhD, Iranian-American comedian, actor, producer, and director, Max Amini, and Mehrdad Bahri, the 1st U.S. Iranian reporter to travel internationally to cover and send live reports from inside Team Melli’s Base Camp. As an investigative journalist, author, and former female reporter in the Middle East, Poppy Farsijani (MBA '10) zooms in on the human rights violations being committed by the Islamic Regime against their female athletes and all those who support them with her first documentary, Women. Life. Freedom. Stand in solidarity with Iranian women and imprisoned Iranian athletes.

How US universities can future-proof skills education to boost graduate employability

Offering microcredentials, “backward-designed” courses focused on skills, and embedding the latest technologies into curricula can help universities nurture job-ready graduates for the future workforce. Experts from academia and industry joined a recent Times Higher Education round table, held in partnership with Adobe, to discuss methods of adapting skills education to create more employable US college graduates.

Countdown to the Midterms: Protests in Iran with Pardis Mahdavi

Iranian American scholar #PardisMahdavi says the current protests and latest uprisings in Iran are built on the resistance of the previous generations. Mahdavi's recent book, Passionate Uprisings, chronicles a recent sexual revolution among Iranian youth, in defiance of the country's conservative regime. Fifteen years ago the morality police - a branch of the Islamic regime's police charged with upholding conservative dress code and behavioral norms - barged in while she was giving a lecture in Tehran.

‘Women, life, freedom’: Inside Iran’s new revolution

Guests: Anonymous member of 1500Tasvir and Pardis Mahdavi, author of “Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution” The protests are actually growing despite the violent crackdowns. ... The protests not only show no sign of decreasing, but what we're seeing actually are increased generations out there protesting. Some of the images that we were seeing yesterday are of young schoolgirls, even, resisting, protesting, adding their voice to the protests. And to me, it's interesting to see this generation, this is the generation born after the 2000s who were born into resistance, these are young people who are building on the decades' worth of work that ... feminists, women and men, have been doing since the revolution.

‎Breaking Battlegrounds: Pardis Mahdavi on Iran's Morality Police on

This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, Chuck and Sam are joined by Pardis Mahdavi, an Iranian-American scholar who recently published an incredible op-ed in the Washington Post, “When Iran’s ‘morality police’ came for me.” Later in the show, Matt Beienburg of the Goldwater Institute joins us with an update on Arizona’s ESA program. Pardis Mahdavi is the dean of the social sciences division in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, and a professor in ASU’s School

‘A 40-year struggle’: Will Iran’s protests bring about real regime change?

Iranians continue to protest over the death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody earlier this month. Women and men alike have taken to the streets, with many women removing and burning their hijabs and headscarves in acts of defiance. Pardis Mahdavi, author of ‘Passionate Uprisings: Iran’s Sexual Revolution” joined Jim Braude to share her run-in with the so-called ‘morality police’. Tara Sonenshine, professor of practice at The Fletcher School at Tufts University also joined as the three discussed what could bring about real change in the country. GBH News is a premier source for in-depth local news and original story telling based in Boston, Massachusetts. Subscribe to the GBH YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/gbhnews?sub_confirmation=1 Follow GBH News on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gbhnews/ Like GBH News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gbhnews/ Follow GBH News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GBHNews