Hyphen (Object Lessons) (9781501373909): Mahdavi, Pardis, Schaberg, Christopher, Bogost, Ian: Books

Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate has been a central point of controversy since before the imprinting of the first Gutenberg Bible. And yet, the hyphen has persisted, bringing and bridging new words and concepts. Hyphen follows the story of the hyphen from antiquity – "Hyphen” is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “to tie together” – to the present, but also uncovers the polit

Crossing the Gulf: Love and Family in Migrant Lives

The lines between what constitutes migration and what constitutes human trafficking are messy at best. State policies rarely acknowledge the lived experiences of migrants, and too often the laws and policies meant to protect individuals ultimately increase the challenges faced by migrants and their kin. In some cases, the laws themselves lead to illegality or statelessness, particularly for migrant mothers and their children. Crossing the Gulf tells the stories of the intimate lives of migran

Migrant Encounters: Intimate Labor, the State, and Mobility Across Asia

Migrant Encounters examines what happens when migrants across Asia encounter both the restrictions and opportunities presented by state actors and policies, some that leave deep marks on migrants' own life trajectories and others that produce fragmentary, uneven traces. With a focus on those who migrate to perform intimate labor—domestic, care, and sex work—or whose own intimate and familial lives are redefined through migration, marriage, and sometimes parenthood, this volume argues that such e

Gridlock: Labor, Migration, and Human Trafficking in Dubai

After successfully getting people talking about the sexual revolution taking place in Iran through her book PASSIONATE UPRISINGS, author and journalist Pardis Mahdavi is back with another thought-provoking expose called GRIDLOCK, this time involving trafficking and the conditions women in Dubai have to endure. What surprised me the most about this new book was the way that laws which were meant to curtail some of the ills taking place against women ended up being part of the problem instead o

Passionate Uprisings: Iran's Sexual Revolution

There is perhaps no place in the world today where the stakes of partying and having sex are higher than in present-day Iran. Drinking and dancing can lead to arrest by the morality police and a punishment of up to 70 lashes. Consequences for sex outside of marriage can be even more severe—up to 84 lashes, or even public execution. But even under the threat of such harsh punishment, a sexual revolution is taking place. Iranian youth continually risk personal safety to meet friends, date, and,